Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Welcome to KoAloha Ukulele's Blog!

Welcome to KoAloha Ukulele! This blog is a forum for all things KoAloha, whether it be Ukuleles, our Featured Artists or our Community Service contributions. We will have insights on the workings at KoAloha and the Factory.

Some of our special features is a link to our youtube videos. Check out the bar on the right to see some of them. Check out Victoria Vox's concert at Island Bazaar, Herb Ohta Jr. and Daniel Ho on their Japan tour, and Raiatea Helm at Spam Jam. We also have our CNBC Feature Video. Yes! We were the first Ukulele Builder in Hawaii to be featured on National TV! We'll have more videos in the future.

And don't forget to visit our website:

Thank you to everyone who supports KoAloha Ukulele. We'll do our very best to inform, enlighten and excite you about everything that is KoAloha Ukulele!!

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